The Grand Cayman island is known for its pristine beaches and historic icons, but did you know too that…

Grand Cayman Island Sting Rays

#1, There are three main islands comprising the totality of the Cayman Islands – the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. While the Grand Cayman Island is the most visited, there are plenty of stuff to discover at the Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Jamaica, Florida, and Cuba are all proximate from the Cayman Islands, making it a central locale in the Mediterranean.

#2, There are only about 55,000 people on the Grand Cayman, and the majority of these residents are native Caymanians. This means you will be immersed in local culture from day one when you come to visit.

#3, Christopher Columbus called the Cayman Islands “Las Tortugas” because of the high density of sea turtles swimming in its nearby waters. He wasn’t wrong – there is indeed a naturally rich population of sea turtles surrounding the Cayman Islands, and current preservation efforts ensure that there will be sea turtles for the next generations to see and appreciate.

#4, It was in the Cayman Islands that scuba diving developed into the wonderful hobby (and for some, professional preoccupation) that it is today. This wonderful aquatic pastime was first introduced in year 1957. Today, numerous dive sites scattered throughout the Cayman Islands ensure that divers both local and international will have a great experience here.

#5, Seven Mile Beach is actually less than seven miles – about five and a half miles. In winter, the water surrounding Seven Mile Beach is still a very comfortable 80 degrees Fahrenheit still perfect for any kind of swim or dive.

#6, Cayman Brac has the most spectacular geography – even more beautiful, we daresay, than the Grand Cayman Island. Measuring 12 miles long, with a width of just 1.25 miles, the Cayman Brac has limestone outcrops and it rises 140 feet above sea level at its tip.

#7, The Cayman Islands is actually a British Overseas Territory, and its head of state is Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

#8, The Cayman Islands are quite open to foreign ownership of land, and the real estate brokers association here ensures that all transfers (sales or otherwise) are handled to exacting international standards.

#9, Pirate’s Week is celebrated yearly from November 12-22. There are plenty of fun events and activities, including a mock “invasion by sea pirates.” Exciting and always innovative, this is one event that you’d want to participate in if you happen to be in the area by November.

#10, The most popular type of cuisine at the Cayman islands is seafood because, well, the ocean is merely steps away. But don’t worry: the cuisines here are best described as fusion and eclectic, and you will feel right at home when you order your first full meal.

#11, If you want to drive, make sure that you drive on the left side of the road – like they do in the United Kingdom.

#12, The total area of the three Cayman Islands is about 100 miles, or roughly the size of Washington D.C.

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