If you are currently engaged and are planning to hold a wedding, why not hold your wedding and reception at one of the most beautiful places on Earth – an oceanfront wedding, with the beautiful sky, beach, and waters is only a trip away, to the Sunshine Suites Resort near Seven Mile Beach.

Grand Cayman Weddings Sunshine Suites

The beach has always been the most romantic of destinations, and the most memorable outings have always been near the water. Now is your chance to make your dream wedding come true, with a wedding venue like no other. What makes a Sunshine Suites Resort Wedding all the more special? Here are some of the ways that we can make your wedding a beautiful one:

– The weather in on and around Seven Mile Beach is ideal for outdoor events, and the chances of having great weather on your wedding day is superb.

The summer months are the perfect time for leisure and events like weddings, so it would be best to plan early, contact us early too, so we can begin preparations for your special day.

– In the event that something is off on your wedding day, we are also prepared for Plan Bs, and we can definitely swing around all our resources and staff to make sure that you would still have the most perfect wedding in the world, rain or shine.

– During the fall and winter months, people book their weddings. If you chances upon this article during this time of the year, you can call us and make sure your wedding will be scheduled accordingly.

In addition to the great oceanfront spaces that we offer our guests, the Sunshine Suites Resort offers excellent amenities in all its accommodations, so any guests that may have to stay before the wedding day itself will have the best experience, too.

The resort also offers special events, promotions, and packages for different budgets and seasons, which makes it a most attractive boutique resort option year-round. In addition to the great ambiance, excellent amenities, and spacious accommodations, the Sunshine Suites Resort also offers great dining and drinks to all of its guests, as well as special treats for families and groups.

Call us today at 1-345-814-1717 and book your dream wedding with us, at the Sunshine Suites Resort. Get the best wedding possible at the luxuriant Grand Cayman Islands – a wedding venue like no other.