The Sunshine Suites Resort is a premiere destination for families and all kinds of guests who are looking for an amazing boutique option that truly provides a bang for the buck. Located on the Grand Cayman Island, which has been voted one of the best places to visit during summer in the Mediterranean, this summer getaway is perfect for individuals, couples and families who prefer multiple sites to visit while they’re enjoying the clear, azure waves of the sea. Florida residents can now enjoy up to 15% discount during their stay at the Grand Cayman Island if they choose to book at the Sunshine Suites Resort.

Florida Resident's Special Offer

If you’re a Florida resident and you’re interested in bringing your family to an unforgettable vacation at the Grand Cayman Island, simply bring valid identification that shows you currently reside in Florida and you’ll get the resident’s discount at check-in.

Here are just some of the things that’s worth looking forward to when you visit the Sunshine Suites Resort.

The first one is of course the SMB or the Seven Mile Beach. The Seven Mile Beach is one of the most awarded and sought after crescent-shaped beaches in the Mediterranean and features soft, coral sand and beautiful, breathtaking views of the sea.

Next on our itinerary is Stingray City, located in North Sound. Here you will be able to view and even interact with one of the sea’s most mysterious and enigmatic creatures – the disc-shaped stingray!

Known to the world mostly for its appearance and tail, you can actually go into the water and touch these creatures if you want, with the aid of highly trained diver-instructors. If swimming with the stingray is not your thing but you’d still like to see them in their natural habitat, we recommend the glass-bottom boat tours. As the name implies, you will be tracking the stingrays on boat, and the clear, glass-bottomed boats will give you a pristine, crystal-clear view of these enigmatic creatures in their natural habitat.  

Pedro St. James is the center of a historic site in the Mediterranean, one that speaks of the colonial history of the place, a long lost time. When you’re done visiting the Turtle Farm, Stingray City and when you’ve satisfied yourself with swimming, a quick jaunt at Pedro St. James is the perfect way to cap off the day.

Filled with fascinating exhibits, which includes furniture from a bygone era, you will surely learn a lot about the Grand Cayman Island’s history by just visiting this site. Open to the public year round, there’s also a gift shop for unique Caymanian produce that you can bring home.

And finally, just before you head home, be sure to visit the larger cultural of the Grand Cayman Island, the National Museum. Plenty of exhibits to appreciate and the place is open to the public year-round, too.

Be sure to book your Grand Cayman Island experience early – contact us today and enjoy great discounts and a bunch of other discounts for repeat guests; just ask and we’ll see how we can courteously accommodate you while providing you the highest value for your hard-earned money.