The Grand Cayman Island is one of the best places on Earth to kick back and unwind, and to make sure that you are getting the best possible experience with friends or family, make sure that you check out our beachside cabanas.

The word cabana originally referred to indigenous huts with thatched roofs. In modern parlance, beachside cabanas are top of the line day lodgings for vacationers, and nothing comes close to the experience of communing with nature and just chilling out with the blue sky and azure waves gently hitting the sand.

Beachside Cabanas

That’s the kind of vacation that 99% of people want, and now you have a chance if you rent a beachside cabana at the Sunshine Suites Resort in Grand Cayman. All of the Sunshine Suites Resort’s beachside cabanas feature the following: full day reservation from 10 AM – 6 PM, pool towels are stocked and available, four bottles of Fiji Mountain Spring Water, and there are also Beach Ambassadors and Beach Servers for the best VIP experience around at the Grand Cayman Islands.

You have several rental options, too, depending on what type of beachside cabana you need. The basic option would be the Premium Beach Cabana that’s perfect for up to four people. All guests get cushioned beach lounge chairs.

The slightly bigger option is the Luxury Beach Cabana that is outfitted with cushioned wooden lounge chairs, queen day bed, electrical outlets for charging your laptop or phone, a mini cooling fridge for drinks and snacks, and a complimentary set of six assorted soft drinks so you can cool off under the sun.

If the sound of cushioned lounge chairs doesn’t interest you, perhaps you’d like something that is literally hanging from two posts: hammocks! The Luxury Hammock Cabana has a hammock, a queen day bed, electrical outlets, and yes, they’re still giving you cushioned lounge chairs in case you don’t like the extreme comfort of swaying lazily on a hammock by the sea. For folks who want the enchantment of being slightly elevated, we highly recommend the Double Deck Cabana.

These solidly built structures have cushioned lounge chairs on the second level, if you want an even more enchanting view of the blue horizon. All other amenities, including the mini cooling fridge and electrical outlets for charging phones and laptops, are included.

The fun doesn’t stop with renting your own cabana. The Sunshine Suites Resort also offers a Cabana Upgrade Package where you can get a house bottle of wine, five local beers, beer koozies, a welcome smoothie to set the mood, and frozen fruit snacks.

Everything you could possibly want while hanging out and just enjoying the beach will always be within reach when you rent a beachside cabana when you come visit us at the Sunshine Suites Resort. Book a room today with us, and ask about renting any of our available beachside cabanas – we can guarantee that you will absolutely fall in love with them – and the sea.