There is literally nothing else you’ll need to have some sweet summertime fun when you are at Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach features unbelievably beautiful coral sand, and has been tagged as “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” by Life Magazine.

Sting Ray Bay - Cayman Islands

The beach continues to draw accolades from guests and travel websites, year after year. Despite the name of the beach, Seven Mile Beach is actually only 5.5 miles long (plenty of space for everyone!) and is regarded as the best destination for anyone who wants a real taste of summer at the Caribbean.

In addition to getting your tan on, one of the most popular activities in at Seven Mile Beach is a quick jaunt to Stingray City. No, Stingray City is not a bar or a swanky store – it’s an actual sandbar where real, live, swimming stingrays live.

Take a cool dive at the North Sound Stingray City; the sandbar is good for both standing and even running (if that’s your thing). Stingray City is ranked as the number one activity at Seven Mile Beach and you can also opt for a twenty-minute boat ride – best for couples, families and friends. When you are in the water, you can actually interact with the stingrays themselves. Ask our front desk about this aquatic adventure on the day of your arrival at the Sunshine Suites Resort.

Do you want a twist to your usual snorkeling expeditions? Look no further than Seven Mile Beach. There is a nighttime adventure that involves snorkeling at a bioluminescent bay. This aquatic activity is best for the most adventurous of guests, and you will get a much better view of the water’s bioluminescence when you are in the water with a mask.

It’s also possible to enjoy a day out with family and friends when you charter a private boat for a customized tour. This is excellent if you want to avoid any crowds and if you want to reach a point in your itinerary faster. With a chartered boat you can visit the scenic Rum Point, go snorkeling at the Barrier Reef, or pay a visit to Starfish Point. If you are an avid paddle boarder, you can definitely rent your own paddle board when you arrive at Seven Mile Beach. Like we said, there will never be a shortage of fun activities.

For the most adventurous of guests, put your masks on because there are Grand Cayman dive operators at Seven Mile Beach and they can take you to the most stunning underwater locales where you can see some of the richest flora and fauna of the Caribbean. You will gain access to world class diving instructors (and instruction), plus tips that you can immediately apply to make your dive safer and more rewarding. Need we say more? When you’re all done with the water, ride a horse across the beach – there are horseback riding tours here as well.

Enjoy all of these great activities at Seven Mile Beach and more by booking a room today at the Sunshine Suites Resort near Seven Mile Beach – enjoy world class amenities, great sights, a great beach and best of all, endless summertime possibilities.