Life gets hectic. Between work, school, and the kids, time can get away from us all. We’re so busy with our day to day lives that we tend to fall into the same old routine. In a lot of ways, this is a great thing. We get our priorities straight and enjoy the process. But once we get too run down, it’s time to plan a vacation. Family reunions are fantastic for doing just that.

Sunshine Suites Resort

When planned out far enough ahead of time, everyone is able to put it on their schedule and make it happen. Vacation destination family reunions are even better. Here at the Sunshine Suites Resort, we’re the perfect, boutique hotel to host you and your family. We have both exceptional block rates and event space to fit everyone. Let’s go through some tips and talk about the details.

Now, the best tip we can possibly give you from the start is to plan as close to a year out as possible. If it’s the first time you’re planning a family reunion, or you’re changing up your plans significantly, this will give you enough time to logistically set the date, book the rooms, and plan out activities. You’ve already decided on the Caribbean, so that’s great. The Grand Cayman Island is where you’ll want to stay.

We offer an affordable, convenient stay, with easy access to Seven Mile Beach. If you’re ready now, go ahead and fill in our Groups Request form. This will help us get to know you and your family, how many family members you’ll be expecting, and will allow us to get back in touch with you with our best quote. At this time, we can also discuss our venues and event spaces, incase you’d like to plan a family event.

With such easy beach and resort access, you’ll be glad you stayed in such a convenient location. There are many beautiful spots right on the beach, plenty of local shops to visit, and great sights to see. Exploring with your family will create memories that will last a lifetime. Group classes are available for many activities. We also offer cabana rentals right on the beach. It’s one of the coolest, most relaxing ways to enjoy a day lounging near the water.

As we mentioned before, now is the time to plan your family reunion vacation. Dates are available, but they go fast. Give us a call today at 1-345-814-1717. The easiest first step is to visit the Groups Request page and fill in your information. That way we have your group details and are ready to discuss your trip with you. We’ll be back in touch shortly after you submit the form. Thank you, and we look forward to you and your family staying with us soon.