A visit to Grand Cayman Island is always magical and memorable, and your family getaway would be that much more enjoyable if you can maximize your vacation budget and still enjoy everything that the island has to offer! The Sunshine Suites Resort at the Grand Cayman Island is an affordable yet luxurious boutique option for people who truly want a big bang for their buck.

Seven Mile Beach Resort Hotel

The Sunshine Suites Resort is located a short walk away from Seven Mile Beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The pristine sands and azure blue water constitutes the dreamy paradise that you will love to return to every year.

There are also plenty of entertainment options for the entire family, from beach yoga to paddle boarding lessons, to soccer shoot outs and great bocce ball tournaments.

There’s so much to do and explore at the Grand Cayman Island, and the best possible lodgings beckon from the Sunshine Suites Resort, which is already gearing up to accommodate guests for the holidays. No one can resist the beautiful, warm weather all year long and the sheer number of activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Seven Mile Beach is of course the biggest attraction because of its soft and pure white sand and endless line of tourist shops that you will enjoy exploring as you search for the best deals while on vacation. The beach has been awarded by the Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine as the “Caribbean’s Best Beach” and it continues to capture the imagination of travelers from all over the country, and the globe.

For those interested in boating or diving, be sure to visit Stingray City, as you can actually see and interact with stingrays in their most natural and comfortable environment. You can just ask the front desk about visiting Stingray City and they’ll be happy to assist you.

The same goes for the Cayman Turtle Farm, where you can also interact with real turtles and even swim and hold them. Many visitors also opt to visit the freshwater tidal lagoon located nearby. There’s also the opportunity to go snorkeling at the Boatswain’s Snorkel Lagoon, where you can fully appreciate the natural grandeur of the Grand Cayman Island’s marine ecosystem. If you have ever wanted to get close and personal with a vibrant marine ecosystem, you have certainly found the right place by spending your vacation at the Sunshine Suites resort.

There’s also plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the local culture of the place, as well as its history.

The National Museum, which is located at the waterfront area of Georgetown is many exhibits and artifacts that will surely satisfy your curiosity about the region and how it came to be. And as we’ve mentioned earlier there are also many stores nearby that you can visit after exploring the National Museum, so there’s definitely a lot of things to do when you arrive at the Grand Cayman Island.

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