With Valentine’s day and spring break just around the corner, it’s time to plan ahead to make Spring Break 2018 the best ever! If you’re raring for sandy beaches, recreation, fun and just getting away from all the hassles and stresses of school and the city, it’s time to consider a Grand Cayman Islands getaway.

Sunshine Suites Resort Guest Room Accommodations

The Sunshine Suites Resort is a boutique option for you and the gang. The more, the merrier! Bring the whole gang to the Grand Cayman Islands and experience all the luxuries of high-end resorts at a much better price! And you know what’s even better than that? Instead of checking into individual rooms, why not opt for a much large and more spacious accommodations? The Sunshine Suites Resort offers a variety of accommodations for any number of people.

But what will you do while you’re at the Sunshine Suites Resort?

First, the beach. The Seven Mile Beach has been hailed as the most beautiful on the Grand Cayman Islands and has bagged the “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” from the Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. This wonderful beach with the best, fine sand is one of the best attractions and is in front of the Sunshine Suites Resort.

Nothing relaxes like taking a cool dip in the sea and relaxing with warm sand. Can you feel the relaxation now? We have it here at the Sunshine Suites Resort all the time! The next attraction that you definitely should not miss is Sting Ray City.

The area around Seven Mile Beach is a natural habitat for sting rays, gentle sea creatures that resemble huge plates with whip-like tails. Dive into the sea and observe these gentle creatures up close and personal. Sea tours in the area also offer close encounters with sting rays on glass-bottomed boats.

The staff at the Sunshine Suites Resort can help book a dive for you, with the help of Red Sail Sports.

After enjoying the beach for hours, it’s time to head out with the gang for some great photo ops! First place to visit beyond the sandy beach is the Pedro St. James, a national historic site from a time in the country where plantation culture was still alive.

This restored historic site contains period furniture and items that will imbue a sense of history instantly to all tourists. Stroll along the path and absorb the quaint architecture. There’s also an A-rated multimedia show at the site that runs hourly every day. You can come visit the Pedro St. James from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. Call them at 345-947-3558 if you want to ask more details.

If you believe in wildlife conservation and a lover of marine biodiversity then make sure you visit the Turtle Farm before you go home. Swim with turtles and you will also be able to observe and even hold native Cayman sea turtles. In addition to the turtles there is also a high volume of fish species in the area that guarantees you will see a turtle in the wild.