Grand Cayman Island has been a crowd favorite for decades now because of the clean water, awesome activities and the generally laid back atmosphere that anyone can appreciate. But going on a vacation means getting the biggest bang for your buck – and the Sunshine Suites Resort is one of the best boutique options if you want to enjoy the splendor of the Grand Cayman Islands without breaking the bank!

Boutique Hotel Sunshine Suites

The Sunshine Suites Resort is conveniently located near Seven Mile Beach – another legendary tourist favorite in the area. We are a four-star boutique resort that is only a stone’s throw away from the beautiful ocean and all the great sport and non-sport activities available to tourists of all types. Whether it’s your first time on the Grand Cayman Islands or not, our resort brings something new and special to all guests that other hotels just can’t.

What’s the secret to the Sunshine Suites Resort magic? Apart from the location, which is number one for resorts like ours, we offer a massive 131 individual accommodations for guests. Every room is clean, sophisticated and well-furnished. The top three accommodations: Studio, Deluxe and One Bedroom provide all of the relaxing amenities and conveniences of the most expensive resorts in the Grand Cayman Islands. Why spend more when you have a four-star boutique option that is as close as can be to Seven Mile Beach?

Did we mention that our rooms are fully furnished? By ‘fully-furnished’ we don’t just mean it has docks for your mobile gadgets or high-speed Wi-Fi. The Sunshine Suites Resort offers fully equipped kitchens with microwaves and coffee machines. Additionally, you will be served with a Continental Breakfast daily from 6:30 to 9:30 AM, and we’ve got you covered if you’re going diving. We also provide dive storage lockers and rinse tanks for after you’re done diving.

Are you getting excited? We’re not done yet. Boutique resorts tend to offer great value for people’s money but we’re going up one notch again just to make sure you are fully satisfied. Here are our best offers for discerning Grand Cayman Island tourists such as yourself. If you’re planning a grand getaway and are planning to stay for more than a night, why not stay the whole week? Stay five days at the Sunshine Suites Resort and we’re not just going to give you a discount – the fifth day is on us! That’s right about fifth day will be absolutely free. Now, if you can’t stay for five days, but can stay for four, inquire about our Sand and Sun promo package where you save a whopping 15%.

We also have a complete package for diving enthusiasts (Dive Grand Cayman) and teachers (if you happen to be one) deserve a discount, too! If you teach for a living, you automatically get 15% off all resort suites and accommodations. The same goes for AARP members – they save 10%. And as for native Florida residents, come visit us and get 15% off, too. Book early and enjoy the summer with us!