The Sunshine Suites Resort is your best boutique option for enjoying Seven Mile Beach and experiencing the Grand Cayman Islands like never before. If you’ve been thinking of where to spent your family vacation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then why not opt for a luxuriant boutique option that has all the amenities offered by all the other top-tier resorts around? Why spend more when a boutique option gives you the same things and more value for your hard-earned money?

Family Vacation Grand Cayman Hotel

Come visit us at the Sunshine Suites Resort and immerse yourself in the beauty and soothing comfort of Seven Mile Beach – voted one of the finest beaches in the world by many international travel websites. Miles of clean, fine sand and azure waves – what more can you ask for in a grand beach for the whole family? Tagged as the Caribbean’s Best Beach, you know that this is indeed the best place to bring your family for a rollicking good time on the sand and surf.

Want to get close to nature like never before? After frolicking on the beach, it’s time to get up close and personal with one of nature’s strangest yet most enticing creatures – stingrays! You can visit Stingray City (this is along a sandbar) and can be arranged by staff at the Sunshine Suites Resort. You can take pictures of stingrays, walk in the water or swim with them, too. The activity is certainly safe as you will be accompanied by highly experienced guides. A truly unforgettable experience for first timers!

Ever held a sea turtle before? There’s also a Turtle Farm to visit. The Cayman Turtle Farm features both adult and baby turtles. You can come close to these grand creatures, hold them and even swim with them. You can also take a dip at the freshwater tidal lagoon plus there’s a snorkel Lagoon too, if you’re interested in examining the Cayman’s natural marine ecosystem. In addition to finding turtles, you will also encounter hundreds of different kinds of fish in the marine environment – something to look forward to if you want to appreciate just how diverse our oceans can be when it comes to marine life. Marine photography is definitely encouraged.

And for the final stop – some history! Visit the National Museum located at the Georgetown waterfront and see just what it was to live in the Grand Cayman Islands before. The National Museum is open to tourists daily from nine in the morning ‘till five in the afternoon. Definitely a great way to end a wonderful day of excitement.

And as you wind down, be sure to enjoy the Sunshine Suites Resorts dining specialties at the Sunshine Grill – rated number one by TripAdvisor in the Grand Cayman area! Enjoy both local and international fare year round and experience authentic Grand Cayman cuisine any time of the day. The Sunshine Grill is open from seven in the morning and is ready to serve full course dinners until ten in the evening. Book your family vacation now!