The Grand Cayman Islands is a top tourist destination because of its pristine Seven Mile Beach (which is consistently awarded by travel websites for being one of the best beaches in the world) and because of the fact that there are so many free things to do here.

Mastic Trail Grand Cayman Island

While tourists can spend during their stay in any tourist destination, it’s nice to know that you can come to the Grand Cayman Islands and spend your day technically spending on yourself only, and not for free, enjoyable activities in this paradise on Earth.

#1, Seven Mile Beach – Seven Mile Beach is a coral sand beach in the shape of a long crescent. Found at the western end of the Grand Cayman Islands, droves of tourists flock to Seven Mile Beach yearly because of its fine, coral sand, azure blue waters, and its naturally relaxing ambiance.

It has gained accolades for being “The Caribbean’s Best Beach,” from the Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. While it’s called Seven Mile Beach, this beach pristine coral sand paradise is actually only six miles long (6.3 miles to be precise).

#2, Mastic Trail – If you feel like going on a self-guided hike, try visiting the Mastic Trail. The Mastic Trail is formerly a disused footpath that was later revived in 1995. This trail cuts through the southern region of the Grand Cayman, and measures about four kilometers. Self-guided hiking is possible with the leaflets provided by the National Trust’s visitor center.

#3, Dart Family Park – The Dart Family Park is a kid’s paradise nestled perfectly among green, grassy planes, climbing frames and other great stuff for kids to play on. A little ways away are picnic areas and there are clean restrooms for guests. If your kids need to play, run around and let off some energy , the Dark Family Park is definitely a top stop.

#4, Camana Bay – Camana Bay features two fountains open for frolicking and an observation tower that you can actually climb. Visit the harbor for some pristine sights of the ocean and the beach. There are also courtyards nearby and a cinema. Camana Bay offers a pristine mix of contemporary activities mixed with living by the sea. Definitely a perfect place for first time visitors to the Grand Cayman Islands.

#5, Visit the Ambassador Divers – Ambassador Divers teach people how to swim and dive for free, and all the practice will be carried out in a swimming pool so you can test your diving skills. In addition to diving skills, Ambassador Divers also teach people the safe diving practices and other guidelines that help people stay safe while in the water.

#6, Bodden Town – Bodden Town is a historic space that has a small playground and a Caymanian-inspired residence. Visit Bodden Town to get a feel of how it was back in the day, living on the Grand Cayman Islands as a native. There are many more markers and spaces like Bodden Town throughout the Grand Cayman Islands, too.

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