Every November, for almost 40 years now, the Cayman Islands have been hosting an annual Pirates week festival. The best part of these celebrations is that they come complete with a mock-pirate attack in the sea. In these mock-pirate attacks, a fleet of two old-fashioned pirate ships which are loaded with “pirates”, which make a surprise landing at the bowl-shaped harbor and the “pirates” take the governor of the Island captive.

Cayman Islands Pirate Week

Year after year, thousands of spectators turn up in the streets to witness this rare spectacle which is packed with some good-natured fun activities. From one year to then next, there is a little twist added to the events that spice up the tradition.

As a matter of fact, this is the only holiday tradition of its kind in the Caribbean. For this reason many families love it. The festival is celebrated all week long and it is characterized by parades, music, fireworks, street dancing, costume contests, competitions and heritage days.

List of Events

Over the years, the pirates’ week has turned out to be one of the biggest events in the Cayman Islands. It draw as many as 35,000 patrons in each year. This year’s event is scheduled to have 32 different events. Some of the events that are scheduled to take place include the following:

  • Two running events,
  • Two teen music nights,
  • An underwater treasure hunt,
  • Two swim meets,
  • Kids fun day,
  • A steel band competition,
  • Fireworks show,
  • A landing pageant,
  • Five heritage days,
  • Eight street dances,
  • A float parade,
  • Song contests, and
  • A dart tournament.

Cayman Christmas

In the Grand Cayman Islands, which is predominantly inhabited by Christians, Christmas is a unique season which is packed with some traditional and holiday based events meant to keep the whole family entertained.

Some of the events that you can expect in this year’s Cayman Christmas include:

  • Christmas tree lighting – this is probably Cayman’s grandest event whereby the Island is lighted with a giant Christmas tree that is decorated with sparkling lights accompanied by music.
  • Parade lights – some boats and ships are decorated with lights and then sail to the harbor as they compete for a prize.
  • Santa sightings – for two days, the kids are allowed to visit Santa.
  • Christmas carols – Christmas isn’t Christmas at the Cayman Islands if there is no belting of Christmas carols, and they do it in two major events to help set the Christmas celebration mood. They will either have the Christmas singing tree or singing on the beach.


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The Cayman Islands is the only country in the Caribbean that celebrates the pirate’s legends and traditional culture. The Cayman Island will be celebrating their 40th anniversary of the pirate’s legends. Throughout the week, visitors can find an opportunity to tour the Island during the festival and have a great time with family. Book your stay today.